Price starts from for up to 26 people for the rent of the main villa.

It is possible to host up to 32 guests renting also the dependance.


We are able to host up to 32 guests by proposing two different options:

  • up to 26 persons in the Villa
  • up to 32 persons in the Villa combined with the Depandance

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Bedroom 209 : Double bedroom near the main entrance. 3,90 m x 4,40 m. Bed Size 170 X 200 cm. Ensuite bathroom: Spacious Shower Box.


First Floor:

Bedroom 210: Master suite with living room with 1 sofa bed. Near the terrace. Living room: 3,50 m x 4,70 m; bedroom 4,40 m x 3,80 m. Bed Size: 170X 200. Ensuite Bathroom with Tub and Hand Shower.


Bedroom 211: Double Bedroom (two single beds that are united) 3,70 m X 4,00 m. Bed size 180 x 200cm. Ensuite bathroom: Spacious Shower – Box


Bedroom 212: Suite with double bed and living room. Living room: 400 m x 420 m; bedroom 2,80 m x 3,60 m. Bed Size 170 x 200 cm. Bathroom Ensuite Spacious Shower – Box


Bedroom 214:

Double bedroom looks to the borgo 5,60 m x 3,50 m (it has few stairs). Bed Size (170 x 200 cm). Ensuite bathroom Spacious Shower – Box


Bedroom 215:

Double bedroom spacious, typical style with baldaquin 3,60 m x 4,00 m.Bed Size (170 x 200 cm). Ensuite bathroom Spacious Shower – Box.


Quarter  Independent flat near the large living room

Bedroom 216:

Suite with large double Sofa Bed in the living area

Living room: 6,50 m x 3,40 m; Studio: 3,30 m x 3,30 m; bedroom 3,15 m x 3,20 m bed size 170 x 200cm and ensuite bathroom DoubleShower Box

Second Floor


Bedroom 218:

Large bedroom with two large single beds (that can’t be united) 4,10 m x 5,60 m. Bed Size 115 x 200 cm- 2 beds. Ensuite bedroom Tub &Hand Shower


Bedroom 219:

Large bedroom with double bed and two windows to both sides of the room 4,30 m x 4,60 m. Bed Size 175 x 200 cm. Bathroom ensuite Spacious Shower – Box


Bedroom 220:

Double bedroom with the bath tub at the centre of bathroom 3,90 m x 3,90 m. Bed Size 170 x 197 cm. Ensuite bathroom Tub


Bedroom 221:

Double bedroom 3,80 m x 4,40 m. Bed Size 170 x 200 cm. Ensuite bedroom with Shower box


Bedroom 222:

Two single beds – ideal for children (could be united) 3,60 m x 4,70 m. Bed Size 90 x 197 cm – 2 beds. Ensuite bedroom Tub & built- in shower head


Bedroom 223:

Double bedroom 3,80 m x 4,50 m. Size Bed 170 x 200 cm. Ensuite bathroom Spacious Shower Box




Bedroom 201:

Double Room with a balcony facing the main yard 5,30 m x 6 m. Bed Size 170 x 200 cm. Ensuite bathroom  Tub & Hand Shower.


Bedroom 202:

Double large bedroom (two single beds that are united) 5,50 m x 6 m. Bed Size 180 x 200 cm. Ensuite bathroomTub & Hand Shower.


Bedroom 204

Suìte – with living room.  Double room (two single beds that are united) At the ground yard level. Living room 3 m x 5,50 m; bedroom 5,30 m x 5,50 m. Bed Size 180 x 200 cm. Ensuite bathroom Whirlpool Tub & Hand shower


  • Welcome cocktail upon arrival
  • Daily breakfast 8.30am – 10.00am
  • Housekeeping service
  • Cleaning of the common area                              
  •  Bathroom towels change twice a week 
  • Sheets one change a week 
  • Gas for hot water
  • Internet connection
  • Final cleaning
  • Concierge service
  • Outdoor swimming pool 16m x 8m
  • sauna
  • Heated Jacuzzi pool 2 m x 2.5 m
  • tennis court
  • ping pong table
  • BBQ
  • Cricket 
  • Parking
  • Countryside

🌟 Welcome to your luxurious retreat in the heart of the lush Tuscan countryside, where elegance meets centuries-old charm! 🌿

Discover this exclusive villa, an oasis of opulence and tranquility, ready to welcome those seeking an unforgettable escape. 🏰

Immerse yourself in the splendor of Tuscany, nestled between the historic treasures of Siena and Florence, where nature embraces you and privacy reigns supreme. 🌳

Dating back to the illustrious 1400s, this majestic sanctuary has been meticulously restored, boasting the heritage of a noble Roman family. 💫

Step into a world of lavish comfort and sophistication with 18 sumptuous bedrooms, each a masterpiece of elegant design, adorned with unique colors and luxurious furnishings. Every room offers modern comforts such as private bathrooms, air conditioning, safes, and satellite TV, ensuring an unparalleled stay. ✨

Embark on a journey of discovery and indulgence with our exclusive offerings:

🍷 Guided tours to Montalcino’s finest wineries, with tantalizing wine tastings and delectable lunches.
🍇 Wine tastings right within the enchanting walls of the villa.
🐎 Horseback riding adventures and golfing excursions in the surrounding countryside.
🎆 Spectacular fireworks displays to illuminate your evenings.
🎈 Thrilling hot air balloon rides over the picturesque landscape.
⛵ Daily boat excursions to Monte Argentario for a taste of coastal splendor.
🚩 Exciting flag-waving performances to ignite your senses.
🚵‍♂️ Adventurous mountain biking expeditions through scenic trails.
🎻 Live orchestral performances to serenade your evenings.
💆‍♀️ Rejuvenating massages to soothe your body and soul.
🏇 Guided horseback riding tours for the adventurous at heart.
🍳 Interactive cooking classes to master Tuscan culinary delights.
🎵 Vibrant DJ sets and live performances to keep the party alive.
🚗 Convenient transfers to and from Florence and Pisa airports for a seamless arrival.

Experience the pinnacle of luxury and relaxation in Tuscany’s most coveted sanctuary. Your extraordinary escape awaits! 🌟

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